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Meet the Shooter - Benji Bema - Film/Visual Content Manager 

If you've ever needed someone on the team to be an all around hustler, Benji Bema would definitely be a highly recommended name on your go-to list. A major player for QC Publishing, LLC with the role of  Film/Visual Content Manager, most video treatments and new content development  projects are initiated from his desk. Benji is no stranger to the grind. He sold thousands of mixtapes as a rapper, and generated thousands of dollars as a creative, behind the scenes. Lil’ Jairmy, Doughbeezy, Beat King, Gangsta Boo, Queendom Come, are a few names he's created artwork for, and the resume continues with countless music videos he’s directed, accumulating over a million-plus views. Many clients become repeat customers and each client gets quality treatment and communication.  These days Benji has used his experience along with the relationships he's built over the years and journeyed into filmmaking. The pilots he's presented have received very good reviews.  He’s recently received countless positive reviews on his recent  short film, “Don’t Come Back,” a project he collaborated with fellow director, Antho. His creative instincts and organic scriptwriting capability proves he has the potential to become a top favorite in film.

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