Consultation & Brand Evaluation 

Teamwork does make the dream work! The key to building your brand is making sure you have the right strategy in place. The first thing we do is look over your social media channels and internet presence to review your brand in it’s current state. We will give you suggestions to help meet your overall goals. We have consulted and worked with several brands, independent labels, investors, and small businesses and understand the importance of goal setting and strategy. Even if you are just starting out, a structured plan can help you win! We offer scheduled call consultations for a low rate. If you decide to retain our services, that fee will be applied to your balance. 

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If you are interested in booking a client, contract updates, or for product endorsements, please contact us today.

If you are interested in investing in booking events, concerts, non-profits, please contact us today. We have direct affiliations with a variety of vendors and sponsors to bring your ideas to life.